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DC207 invites you to their first-ever open hacker lab! DC207 celebrates the hacker culture of learning, taking things apart, and broadening your horizons. What better way to celebrate than to have an open lab in one of the most extraordinary maker spaces in Southern Maine?

  • Date: 11/18/2021 06:00 PM
  • Location 971 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04103, USA (Map)


Join us to learn new things, and make new friends in the hacker community in Maine. We'll provide virtual machines to learn and practice operating systems and web application penetration testing. We'll also have an array of tech kits related to physical penetration testing. (Bash bunnies, wifi-pineapples, shark jacks, crazy radios, hackRF one kits, proxmark3s). Are you looking to finish (or start) a previous DC207 lab or extend hardware you already have? We'll have a soldering station and a set of OLED screens you can attach to the microcontroller kits from in October, where you can play with the fundamentals. We'll also have copies of the DEFCON29 data deduplication village data (Basically recordings from EVERY security conference, rainbow tables, and tools - 18tb in total). We'll be giving away a DC207 customized YETI tumbler in a raffle for attendees... and if for some reason you're still not entertained, we'll be screening the fascinating movie "The Internet's Own Boy" over some socially distanced pizza.

Make sure to sign up and we'll see you there!