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Hardware hacking is for everyone! Fundamentals and benefits of learning hardware hacking. How to set up a lab on a tight budget, and a POC on hacking around the house.

  • Date: 5/20/2021 06:00 PM
  • Location Online Event


Hardware hacking is for you! Hardware hacking is for everyone!

Even if you don’t work with embedded devices or firmware in your current job, this talk will feature some of the benefits of learning hardware hacking, and mention some interesting use cases for applying your new hardware hacking knowledge and reverse engineering skills to your own work.

The first part of this talk will cover the fundamentals of hardware hacking, including serial communication protocols and basic electronic components as well as resources for learning how to read the hieroglyphic amalgam that is a circuit schematic.

The second part of the talk will cover how to create your own hardware hacking lab, including the tools and materials that you’ll need to get started. Are you worried about the steep cost of hardware hacking and don’t want to go broke buying all of the tools and equipment?

Don’t worry, this talk includes “The starving artist’s guide to creating a hardware hacking lab.” So sign up! We'll see you there!