Ready to PWN
Ready to PWN

This fully assembled and keychain ready pwnagotchi is an A2C-based "AI" leveraging bettercap that learns from its surrounding WiFi environment to maximize the crackable WPA key material it captures (either passively, or by performing authentication and association attacks). This material is collected as PCAP files containing any form of handshake supported by hashcat, including PMKIDs, full and half WPA handshakes. It'll learn over time and become smarter and more able help you crack the wifi around you. Plus, it's cute as f**k.

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For more info about the Pwnagotchi project, check out the official resource. Please note, due to logistics there is a 2 week lead time on all Pwnagotchi orders.

Pwnagotchi - Deep Reinforcement Learning instrumenting bettercap for WiFi pwning.