Want the ultimate hacker hoard? Well, DC207 can hook you up with the famous 18 terabytes DDV Vault. The vault has tools, it has all the hacker conferences from the beginning of time, it has research, and rainbow tables out the wazoo. The vault doesn't have cheese, but it has everything you need to become a master hacker.

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NOTE: Contents will change from year to year, currently we are offering the 2021 collection.

Comes with:

  • 6TB drive 1-3: All past convention videos that DT can find - essentially a clone of infocon.org - building on last year's collection and re-squished with brand new codecs for your size constraining pleasures.
  • 6TB drive 2-3: freerainbowtables hash tables (lanman, mysqlsha1, NTLM) and word lists (1-2)
  • 6TB drive 3-3: freerainbowtables GSM A5/1, md5 hash tables, and software (2-2)
  • USB To SATA 3 Connector
  • A letter of recommendation to be featured on the hit tv show Hoarders